Sponsored Bird Watch

Peter Hutchins is organising a sponsored bird watch throughout the year 2006 to raise awareness and money for the O.B.S., the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the Hampshire Animal Rescue Team (HART).

What is it?

Bird watching walk with Peter

Peter will take sponsorship for every species of birds he spots within the parish boundaries in 2006. In addition, he will lead a series of bird watching walks in the village throughout the year, to share his interest and knowledge of birds (dates and details on the Events page and walks reports on the Sightings page).

Peter thinks he may see about a 100 different species of birds throughout the year. Updates on the number of species seen will be posted regularly on this page and detailed accounts of Peter's bird watching marathon, wil appear on the Sightings section of the site.

On 30th December the number of species seen is 104
detailed list

How to get involved:

Download the sponsorship form (pdf file, 110 kB).

Whether you are sponsored or not, Peter is always keen to hear about your sightings in the parish, so do not hesitate to email him your records. Records of all species are welcome, even those of "ordinary" species.


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