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January 2010

Goldfinch width=
two single Buzzard were seen low over the village late morning. A male House Sparrow on a nest-box was the first bird of the year for one. -2°C was noted early evening, the light frost still not having cleared by dusk.
nine Goldfinch fed on garden Teasel and Evening Primrose in Charledown Close.
Right: Goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis -Flashetts (Picture: Aaron Gee) Several large pre-roost gatherings of these have been noted at sites between Basing and Whitchurch, several hundred birds being involved.
a Red Kite was seen patrolling over Charledown Close gardens.
a male Blackcap visited Woodlands feeding stations in the lingering snow, as did a female Pied Wagtail. A Red Kite lingering overhead late morning.
two Red Kite lingering about Ashe Park mid-morning were sure to have crossed the Parish boundary in their patrols whereas two to the south of Southington mid-afternoon were already well within these borders. A Lesser Redpoll dropping to Silver Birch, appropriately, in Woodlands was the first noted this year.
Little egret at Flashetts
two Red Kite lingered over gardens while a Fieldfare was also heard, hidden in Woodlands gardens.
a Pied Wagtail visited a Two Gate Meadow garden.
four Little Egret were at Flashetts.
Right: Little Egret, Egretta garzetta - Flashetts (Picture Alan Willis) One of several birds over-wintering in the Overton / Whitchurch area again
Agonopterix  alstromeriana moth
up to five Little Egret were at Flashetts, a Red Kite over Bridge Street and a Fieldfare again visited apples nearby. An Agonopterix alstromeriana was found inside a house.
Right: Agonopterix alstromeriana - (Picture Mike Wall) http://www.hantsmoths.org.uk/newhome.htm
five Little Egret were about Flashetts. A cock Pheasant was seen on the school field with, nearby, a juvenile Sparrowhawk in Lordsfield Gardens.
Marsh titLong-tailed tit
a Raven moved south-west over Winchester Street, being described as "sounding like a frog". Long-tailed Tit and Marsh Tit were just two of the species recorded digitally at Flashetts. TheFieldfare in Bridge Street was now becoming a regular visitor, unlike the Grey Squirrel seen there today.
Right: Long-tailed Tit, Aegithalos caudatus & Marsh Tit, Poecile palustris - Flashetts (Picture Alan Willis)
two Little Egret were seen at Flashetts while a Kingfisher was at Qhidhampton.
both Little Egret and Kingfisher were seen at Flashetts. Two Red Kite, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard and Fieldfare were seen over Hazelcombe late morning. A female Tawny Owl was calling by Town Meadow very early morning, a male then being heard even further north of the B3400. A Blackcap was in the hedgerow between Waltham Road and The Green.
Field vole
a probable Hen Harrier was seen moving south-west over Town Meadow. Two Red Kite and six Buzzard were over Jack Mills Lane.
a Red Kite toured the village late morning. A female Blackcap was in Lordsfield Gardens. A Field Vole continued to show well under feeders at Flashetts, as did a Marsh Tit on the easy food source. A mouse sp. was seen to run across the road at Berrydown early morning. Part of a recently hatched Woodpigeon egg was found in Pond Close, as was an Early Moth.
Right: Field Vole, Microtus Agrestis - Flashetts (Picture Alan Willis) Also known as the Short-tailed Vole
a Brambling and male Bullfinch visited a Lordsfield Gardens garden.
Long-tailed tit
a December Moth and as yet unidentified larval moth came to overnight light in Woodlands. A male Blackcap was in Lordsfield Gardens. A party of six Long-tailed Tit in Bridge Street was the largest reported.
Right: Long-tailed Tit, Aegithalos caudatus & Marsh Tit, Poecile palustris - Flashetts (Picture Alan Willis) Many of these are already paired and contemplating nest sites
both Blackcap and Grey Wagtail were seen in Waltham Road. Photography at Flashetts continued, with some stunning results. A Buzzard was in the Lower Ashe area and a second December Moth arrived at an overnight light.
a male Blackcap reappeared in Lordsfield Gardens. c.20 Canada Geese moved low east early evening, followed by a further five and a Pheasant was about gardens off Bridge Street.
a Red Kite was again lingering mid-morning, while a Buzzard moved through westwards.
a Muntjac and seven Roe Deer were in fields north of The Harrow Way. A pair of Blackcap was in Lordsfield Gardens while a male Blackcap lingered in one garden during the Big Garden Birdwatch. The later event also managed to include the lingering Bridge Street Fieldfare.

Contributors: Jill Aburrow, Julian Aburrow, Jane Beckmann, Aaron Gee, June Gibbs, Nigel Giffen, Helen Harden, Richard Harden,Alison Hutchins, Bryher Hutchins, Jay Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Jane MacKenzie, Margaret Rainford, Valda Stevens & Alan Willis.

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