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April 2012

a Red Kite lingered about Frost Hill during the evening.
a light frost again.
a light frost once again.
two Mistle Thrush were about St. Mary's during the evening, a Kestrel being seen over fields south of Frost Hill, also in the evening. House Sparrow continued to use their communal roosts about the village.
a singing Willow Warbler and half dozen Linnet were about the hedgerows and fields south of Dellands Lane.
a further light frost. Two of both Lapwing and Mistle Thrush were seen at Ashe Warren Farm.
yet another light frost! The / a Willow Warbler remained in song to the south of Dellands Lane, a Goldcrest being in song in Kerchers Field.
a more obvious frost on this morning. A Kestrel was perched atop vegetation south of Frost Hill later in the evening.
a Barn Owl was lingering by the northern Parish boundary well before dawn.
Lapwing were seen to be present on a previous breeding area, unlike Stone Curlew. Blackbird were more advanced with regard to this, two young being seen in Woodlands gardens. A Red Kite was north of Frost Hill mid-afternoon.

Contributors: Alison Hutchins & Peter E. Hutchins.

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