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May 2013

early morning saw a Grey Partridge, an increasingly rare local, seen roadside near The Harrow Way. Nearby two Red Kite were 'playing' in the air while a Buzzard sat in an adjacent field.
a Great Tit was making the most of the allotments off Kingsclere Road, as I'm sure were many more members of the local wildlife.
an Orange-tip was on the wing at Flashetts. A second-hand report was received of Black Redstart having recently been on Overton Hill!
eight+ House Martin, Swallow, a Red Kite and Buzzard were over the village mid-afternoon where as a Kestrel over fields at Berrydown was being harassed by other birds as it also attempted to hunt. Three Brown Hare were in a field off Turrill Hill. Slightly less lively was a rodent found under floorboards today, definitely, as those in to progressive house music would say — deadmau5!
Red Kite in flighttwo Red Kite, 16+ Swift, a Sparrowhawk, two Swallow, two Buzzard and eight+ House Martin were over the village late afternoon. Further Red Kite were seen over The Harrow Way and feeding on a Rabbit near Little Meadow. A Holly Blue was seen to visit several gardens while both Orange-tip and Brimstone were about the fields / hedgerows near the mill. Blackbird remained very obvious in and about some gardens. A Tawny Owl was singing near Town Meadow early morning.
Right: Red Kite, Milvus milvus.T he Harrow Way - Picture:Tamsin Williams
The rich colouring underneath and tail shape providing clues as to this being an adult bird.
a Red Kite moved over gardens where Blackbird continued to appear, the males remaining very much in evidence. The cock Blue Peafowl were still evident early morning!
two Grey Heron and a Red Kite moved over the Town Meadow area early evening, the latter circling and lingering for a while. A Red Kite was over The Harrow Way late afternoon, three Swift being seen over the Edward Kersley playing Field.
more rain, from late afternoon!
a cock Pheasant was vocal early morning, perhaps in fields west of Vinns Lane. Two Buzzard were over the village early evening.
Goldfinch and Robin were both brighter visitors to gardens about the village. Buzzard were over fields near Frost Hill and House Sparrow continued to attend garden nest boxes.
a duck Mallard and her brood of five were on The Test off Kingsclere Road, the summer visitants nearby, yes the tennis players, not being paid attention to by these latest additions to the river life.
a Sparrowhawk was hunting about Hill Meadow / Hilltop Road early morning while nearby a Red Kite was again tidying up the road near Frost Hill. The Robin was again seen off Kingsclere Road while further colour came in the form of a Chaffinch in Greyhound Lane.
a pair of Lily Beetle, appropriately on a lily, was feeling a surge of spring passion! Blackbird were now feeding young, at least one male regularly following in the footsteps and diggings of one gardener.
a Harlequin Ladybird in a Greyhound Lane garden was the first of these 'foreigners' reported for some time; it not however attracting the attention of the resident Blackbirds. Blue Tit remained busy at nest boxes.
both Robin and Blackbird were see off Kingsclere Road by local commuters; another of the latter, a female, visiting gardens seen to have a number of pale feathers in the wings.
pairs of Garganey, Little Egret and Hobby were seen by those attending the OBS / RSPB Evening Walk. Both Barn Owl and Buzzard were hunting between The Harrow Way and Frost Hill early morning, the later a very ragged looking bird.
several Hairy-footed Flower-bee and a Large White visited one garden, the former intent on relishing all that Lungwort had to offer.
four House Martin were seen over Polhampton, their numbers however appearing ever more reduced year on year. A 14-spot Ladybird was the latest of that tribe to be seen in a village garden.
the pair of Garganey, a Lapwing and five Gadwall were by / on The Test south-east of Polhampton. Two Red Kite and a Swift were seen over one garden, the raptors moving low overhead. Though rarer, a Blue Peafowl was somewhat more obvious early afternoon.
a female House Sparrow visited one garden, this species perhaps one of the most under-recorded of all wildlife in the Parish! A far more autumnal day with regard to the weather.
if nothing else was noted, at least Blue Peafowl continued to announce their presence about the village.
a small party of Canada Geese moved over the village mid-evening.
two Grey Wagtail were seen in the Kingsclere Road allotments.

Contributors: Jill Aburrow, Julian Aburrow, Alison Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Veronique Kerguelen, Adam trickett & Tamsin Williams.

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