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June 2012

an immature Grey Wagtail was on the wall overlooking The Test at Town Mill, a further bird being heard nearby.
a Buzzard was briefly over Overton Hill early afternoon.
a Grey Heron up to three Red Kite were seen over the village by mid-afternoon.
the Peacock sustained their vocalisations, to put it politely! Somewhat quieter was a pair of Blue Tit, still brooding in a local best box.
late evening saw two Swift battling in to a strong south-westerly.
Glow-worm female glowing in the dark and with flash a pair of Blue Tit was seen feeding young.
Female Glow-worm started displaying at nightfall in St Mary's churchyard and in the parish cemetery.
Right: female Glow-worm , Lampyris noctiluca glowing, in the dark (left) and with flash (right). Picture: Adam Trickett
a Mute Swan moved west over the village early afternoon and female Glow-worm were seen glowing in the evening at St Mary's.
a Green Woodpecker was on Woodlands grass early morning.
a Fox was at Berrydown early morning, a doe Roe Deer then being seen near Ashe Arch. Volunteer & Farmer alliance surveying found a Red Kite, two Swift, four Swallow, two House Martin, a Lapwing and further doe Roe Deer about Ashe Warren Farm. A Red Kite was at Frost Hill late afternoon, a Buzzard nearby, heading south in to the Parish.
a family party of Blue Tit continued to visit garden feeders.
a Humming-bird Hawk-moth visiting a garden was one of very few reported about the Parish as yet this year. Far more expected was the Red Kite over fields just north of the village mid-afternoon. Nightfall brought more Glow-worm displays at St Mary's.
a Red Kite was seen to move south-west early afternoon.
both Red Kite and Lesser Black-backed Gull were on the wing over the village late afternoon, unlike a Udea olivalis, this moth being found in a bathroom. At St Mary's, the Glow-worm evening show was on again.
Glow-worm mating up to eight Swift were over the village late in to the evening.
at least one Peacock was still obvious, if only by call, pre-dawn. Night brought the first ever recorded sighting of a male Glow-worm in the St Mary's colony, finally!
Right: Glow-worm, Lampyris noctiluca - Male (smaller) and female mating. Picture: Adam Trickett
four Swift were seen in the evening, together over the village centre.
a female Green Woodpecker was on the grass by the mini-roundabout at Woodlands early morning. A Linnet was heard over the village early evening.
a buck Roe Deer crossed the Kingsclere road early morning.
both Whitethroat and Yellowhammer were in song just north of the village, where an adult Badger was the latest road casualty. Hoverflies were visiting flowers in a Greyhound Lane garden.

Contributors: Alison Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Veronique Kerguelen & Adam Trickett.

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