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July 2012

a Buzzard headed eastwards along the northern Parish boundary, close to Polhampton Lodge.
many moths were seen on the wing over Parish roads late evening, the conditions being mild and humid, and dark!
both Goldcrest and Blackcap were singing about Town Meadow, Whitethroat, Blackcap and Chiffchaff also being heard in song while Volunteer & Farmer Alliance surveying was taking place near David's Wood / Polhampton. The latter also found roosting Marbled White, Marmalade Hoverfly and 'good' numbers of both snail and slugs on the move in the early morning dew.
Volunteer & Farmer Alliance surveying in the Nutley Copse area had a Buzzard, three Brown Hare, Field Pansy, singing Skylark, Marsh Tit and a northbound Swift, the first on the surveys, of most note. 15+ Swift were then seen over the village later in the day, as was a single Linnet.
Hoverfly on flower further early morning Volunteer & Farmer Alliance survey work at Ashe Warren Farm found Red Kite, Fox, a family of Mistle Thrush, family party of Buzzard, singing Skylark, Blackcap and Chiffchaff, larval Mullein Moth, Marsh Woundwort, two buck Roe Deer and an impressive display of colour, in the 'wild flower' crop, among the highlights recorded. Less welcome, by gardeners at least, was a Lily Beetle found on a porch window. Two Great Spotted Woodpecker were seen 'hammering' on fence posts in Southington Lane.
Hoverflies were vey visible on garden flowers.
Right: Hoverfly. Picture: Adam Trickett.
a Muntjac was seen moving in to Flashetts early morning, both Blackcap and Chiffchaff being in song at this time. A Buzzard was in Frost Hill woodland later in the day.
a Silver Y was seen visiting garden flowers early evening. Both Green Woodpecker and Swift were vocal early morning.
very, very variable weather today that included thunder and lightning.
a Muntjac was seen to cross the Kingsclere Road, just north of Polhampton Lodge, early morning. Both the two Green Woodpecker and calling Carrion Crow early morning were notable for the village.
Musk beetle a Kestrel circled westwards over the village early afternoon, a Buzzard being further to the north-east mid-afternoon and the Red Arrows coming through early evening!
Right: Musk Beetle, Aromia moschata. Picture: Adam Trickett.
a Frog in Foxdown almost met its maker, nearly being trodden on as it loitered by a dustbin after dark.
13 House Martin gathered over the village during the evening was the largest such concentration this year, this perhaps as much to do with the increasing rain as anything else.
a Buzzard was by the dew pond at Ashe crossroads early morning. A 'sleepy' Musk Beetle was on nettle on Kingsclere Road.
a Red Kite was over the new cricket pitch on Overton Hill early morning. A 14-spot Ladybird was walking around a kitchen.
Grey Dagger caterpillar a female Sparrowhawk moving west over the village was slowed by the prey she was carrying. Grey Dagger caterpillars were feeding on a young quince tree in a garden in the afternoon. 25+ Swift were vocal over the village later in the day.
Right:Grey Dagger catepillar, Acronicta psi. Picture: Adam Trickett.
a male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was seen on fat balls in a Lordsfield Gardens garden, the only one recorded locally so far this year. Two Red Kite and a Linnet put in appearances over the village late in the afternoon. A Brimstone was now on the same quince tree.
a Marbled White was seen near Jackson's Copse. A Treecreeper was becoming a regular visitor to a Lordsfield Gardens garden. Movements of both Rook and Jackdaw to the north-east as the day progressed were already evident, a sure sign of the breeding season having finished and communal roosts starting to build.
a Stag Beetle was seen traversing a path at Berrydown. Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea was found in flower near the Ashe Arch, Marbled White and Ringlet among the insect life about the hedgerows there. 12+ Swift were seen gathered over the village.
a Gatekeeper was fluttering in a garden. Canada Geese were to be heard moving over the village late evening.
a Gatekeeper was fluttering in the same garden again. a Nuthatch appeared to take advantage of feeders in Two Gate Meadow.
both Green-veined and Large White were nectaring in village gardens.
a Kingfisher was seen off Southington Lane. A Goldcrest was singing in Woodlands, 16+ Swift there late evening being a notable count for this late in the summer. A Buzzard was again on one of its favoured perches, the fencing by Ashe Park Lodge.

Contributors: David Backers, Alison Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Veronique Kerguelen, Jane MacKenzie, Ken MacKenzie, Fenella Swinscoe, Adam Trickett, Janet Wigney & Tamsin Williams.

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