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August 2011

both Green Woodpecker and Canada Geese were vocal about the village early morning.
recently fledged Woodpigeon were obvious in Woodlands gardens.
12 Magpie were on the B3400 east of the village early morning. 12 Magpie were on the B3400 east of the village early morning.
a Buzzard moved west over the village late afternoon, another seen near Southley Farm early evening.
a brood of three Moorhen were still viewable from the Bridge Street bridge.
a Red Kite was moving north towards Frost Hill early morning. Woodpigeon were making the most of the recent damage to the Churchyard wall, 'eating' the residue early morning before too much disturbance was encountered. A Buzzard drifted over Ashe Hill late morning.
Robin were becoming ever more noticeable early morning, being almost the only songster to continue proclaiming their territory currently.
Canada Geese and other wildfowl were on the moved over the village during the evening.
a Chiffchaff was migrating through Woodlands early morning.
increasing numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gull were moving low through the Parish early morning, then being seen to move back north-east from late afternoon.
a Kestrel was out early morning at Frost Hill.
a Grey Wagtail flew over the village early evening.
a Pyrausta aurata was visiting herbs in a Woodlands garden. Two Swift were seen over Lion Close mid-morning while Swallow and House Martin were over the fields off Pond Close. Both Red Kite and Buzzard were seen over the Turrill Hill area.
Pyrausta aurata - wings closed Pyrausta aurata on buttercup
Martin Pitt
In Hampshire this is sometimes abundant on the downs, this also being the case in gardens amongst cultivated herbs
For all your moth 'needs', don't forget: http://www.hantsmoths.org.uk/index.htm
Red-legged Partridge continue to jay walk, one having to be 'missed' on an early morning drive to Frost Hill. Canada Geese continued to move over the village after darkness fell.
after rain an exceptional amount of bird activity was noted in a Bridge Street garden. This included a Grey Heron briefly visiting the lawn, two Mallard flying over, five Dunnock, Wren and Robin and both Blackbird and Jackdaw making the most of the ripening eating apples. 12+ House Martin early evening was the largest autumnal-style gathering so far noted. Later, Tawny Owl were to be heard 'singing'.
the monthly meeting of the Basingstoke area Watch Group took place about the village, an immature Red Kite, south-westerly heading Swift, small flocks of Swallow and House Martin, a confiding Field Grasshopper, harvestmen and many Damsons among the highlights noted.
the end of the day was greeted by a vocal Tawny Owl.
the Tawny Owl continued singing in to the early hours. A Buzzard was atop firs early morning north of Frost Hill, another being north of The Harrow Way late morning while Red Kite, Sparrowhawk and Buzzard were thermalling together over the Railway Station area, also late morning. A further Red Kite lingered about the northern Parish boundary. A Nuthatch, not that common about the village, was calling in willows off Bridge Street. Both Swallow and House Martin remained about / moved through the village.

Contributors: Alison Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins & Valda Stevens.

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