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August 2012

a Buzzard was over Hyde Hill Plantation late afternoon.
at least two Kestrel were about Turrill Hill, one calling repeatedly and so perhaps a sign of local breeding having taken place, the latter bird possibly trying to encourage a parent to feed it. Two Stock Dove south-west early afternoon was a slightly more notable village record. A day of very mixed weather!
mid-morning saw a Grey Heron heading towards The Source of The Test from the Ashe Park direction. 20+ House Martin were over the village centre early afternoon.
a Hedgehog was seen out during the day, on the track off Dellands.
both Gatekeeper and Green Woodpecker were again recorded in village gardens while a phylloscopus warbler, more than likely a Chiffchaff, was heard only — this from a bathroom!
Mallard were vocal early morning, a change from the more expected Tawny Owl and singing Robin and Blackbird.
six Yellowhammer were as road fittings north of the village, needing to be taken account of on another very mild morning.
at least six Yellowhammer were again gathering grain-reducing road material north of the village pre-dawn, all being somewhat more adept at moving out of the way of oncoming traffic than the local Red-legged Partridge. A Small Blue buttlerfly visited flowers in a garden.
early morning saw a Tawny Owl leave the churchyard area and move in to Flashetts. Further north Yellowhammer continued to gather 'grit', five+ being seen on the road to Kingsclere.
Hoverflies and a Brimstone were feeding on garden flowers in late afternoon. Three Pied Wagtail high south late in the evening may have been heading to a new roost site — has anybody see any back at the Railway Station yet? A hint of summer lingered, but with more than a hint of autumn thrown in, as 15+ House Martin were seen gathered over the village.
Green Bottle immature Woodpigeon were still obvious about village gardens, their lack of ringed neck and 'pin-head' look being the easiest way to age them at present. A Common Garden Spider was observed in... a garden.
Right: Green Bottle.
a Green Bottle Fly visited garden flowers.
Hoverflies visited the same garden flowers today.
a unidentified Green caterpillar was found wandering in a garden.
Caterpillar a Tawny Owl was on the road near Polhampton Stud early morning, needing to be swerved around — nice views though! Brimstone were again seen in village gardens, a White-shouldered House Moth, as might be expected, found in one house.
a Rosy Footman was found in a car early morning, from where it came could only be guessed. Gadwall were seen heading over Town Meadow in the pre-dawn gloom.
the / a Tawny Owl was again on the wing near Polhampton Stud early morning.
Right: Unidentified catepillar.
a Barn Owl was on roadside signage pre-dawn, near Polhampton Stud.
a Swift was an unexpected addition and the latest recorded within the Parish, as far as is known, as it lingered with hirundines over the railway line / bridge by Hill Meadow mid-morning. A Red Kite was far more predictable, heading south-west early evening.
a 25+ House Martin over the village late afternoon was the largest gathering yet noted this year and another sign of approaching autumn.

Contributors: Alison Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Veronique Kerguelen & Adam Trickett.

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