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September 2013

Canada Geese were obvious on their early evening pre-roost flighting through the village while during the day Small Tortoiseshell remained evident on buddleia.
a female Tawny Owl was very vocal about the Town Meadow area late evening.
nine Small Tortoiseshell were joined by a Peacock on a small buddleia in Woodlands. A further Tawny Owl was noted, this however one that had succumbed to traffic, at Berrydown, overnight. House Martin still lingered over the village.
c.30 House Martin were gathered on wires in Beech Close, preparing for their long journey to warmer climes.
the House Martin gathering in Beech Close had grown to c.50 birds.
a Grey Wagtail was heard on the wing over Woodlands early evening.
a Hummingbird Hawk-moth graced buddleia in Woodlands early evening. Many "Green and black, large and hairy" caterpillar were on an ornamental birch in Station Hill, numbers being seen to drop to the driveway there.
the Hummingbird Hawk-moth reappeared on Woodlands buddleia, again early evening.
a young Toad was found wandering in the evening rain.
Canada Geese were heard moving over the village to roost, some time after darkness had fallen.
many wasps and bees were attracted to flowering Ivy on Station Hill, including several queens.
a Red Admiral was on the wing at Station Hill, presumably making the most of the still present Ivy blooms. A covey of 16+ Red-legged Partridge at Frost Hill once again played 'chicken' with local traffic.

Contributors: Alison Hutchins, Bryher Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Margaret Rainford, & Chanel Ray.

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