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November 2016

a Little Egret was in The Test off Bridge Street late morning. Canada Geese were again featuring featuring locally with c.100 'blocking' the footpath across the field from Station Road to Straight Lane. More welcome was a Coal Tit visiting garden feeders in Two Gate Meadow. A Red Kite was seen over Red Lion Lane. Later in the 'day' a Tawny Owl was vocal near the O.R.C., one also in 'song' nearby at 04:35!
the first frost of the late year. Red Admiral were seen in a Station Hill garden, Winchester Street and Woodlands; perhaps the last of the year? A Hedgehog visited Two Gate Meadow gardens, as did the Coal Tit. A further Hedgehog partook of dog food left out for it in Two Gate Meadow. A Siskin headed east over Lion Close. Red Kite were seen over Overton Hill, Alexander Road, Bridge Street, Red Lion Lane, Winchester and Harveys Field, Buzzard over Overton Hill and on the eastern Parish boundary fence line near Ashe Park Lodge.
a Tawny Owl was heard 'hooting' early morning. Two Hedgehog were taking food late evening in a Station Hill garden. Nine Redwing moved over Church Road late morning, a Grey Wagtail over Station Hill late afternoon.
a Kingfisher was seen moving off from the bridge at Straight Lane. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming at Court Farm House early afternoon, the first to be heard doing so for many months. A Grey Heron was fishing in The Test off Bridge Street where the resident 'Mallard' continued to vocalise at all passers-by. A flock of Redwing, 17, moved east over Town Meadow late morning. A further Hedgehog casualty was found, this time in Woodlands. Happier news was of one still visiting Station Hill gardens for food.
during the morning both Kestrel and Red Kite were seen over the Overton Hill dog field. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was again drumming at Court Farm House. Walking Court Drove early morning produced sightings of flowering Nipplewort and Chicory, a Stoat / Weasel, briefly, up to 18 Red Kite, including 11 in view at one time with nine lingering quietly overhead. A Raven, male Kestrel and four Buzzard were also out over the adjoining fields, a covey of seven Grey Partridge and flocks of Fieldfare, Redwing, Bullfinch, Skylark and Goldfinch also evident; the latter including a flock of 45+. Lesser Black-backed Gull moving over to the south-west resulted in numbers dropping to fields, including 67 mid-morning north of The Harroway. Hedgehog continued to visit a Station Hill feeding station.
Pied Wagtail Kestrel, Buzzard and Red Kite were again seen over the Overton Hill area, the latter also at Berrydown. At least one Hedgehog was seen visiting food placed out in Station Hill gardens. Two Pied Wagtail were seen atop St. Mary's Church.
Right: Pied Wagtail, Motacilla (alba) yarellii. A male portrayed here
both Kestrel and Red Kite were once more over the Overton Hill area; further kite being seen over Bridge Street, two, and Poyntz Road. Buzzard were seen over Court Farm House and Lordsfield Gardens. The / a Hedgehog was again seen on Station Hill. A mixed flock of thrushes, Fieldfare and Redwing, flew south over Town Meadow early afternoon.
a Tawny Owl was in song about the ORC. A Chiffchaff was in a mixed feeding flock off London Road. A Grey Heron was in The Test off Southington Lane, this or another being seen to fly west over Lordsfield Gardens. Single Fieldfare and Redwing moved high north-east over Woodlands early afternoon. Coal Tit, Wren and Robin were amongst the smaller species visiting gardens off Station Hill. A Grey Wagtail moved over Bridge Street, from the Glebe Meadow area where a Red Kite moved low west. A small Hedgehog was found dead on the Overton Hill dog field.
a male Sparrowhawk flew through Lordsfield Gardens, a female seen circling over Poyntz Road later, as was a Buzzard. A Feathered Thorn was found in Poyntz Road. A Green Woodpecker visited Two Gate Meadow. Grey Wagtail were seen or heard over Lordsfield Gardens and Woodlands, as were Redwing. Red Kite were seen over Waltham Road, Glebe Meadow, two, Poyntz Road, three, and Overton Hill. The Canada Goose gathering at The Source of The Test had increased to over 120 birds.
a Chiffchaff was in song by The Test at Kingsclere Road. The Green Woodpecker was again in Two Gate Meadow where two Wren visited at least one garden. Birds seen to be moving over the village including Yellowhammer, Fieldfare, Meadow Pipit, Grey Wagtail, Buzzard, two, and up to three Red Kite.
a Kestrel showed well as it flew in to land on a post amongst the trees by the Overton Hill football fields. Two Hedgehog visited Station Hill gardens, one ending up on the front door mat!
a Waxwing low over Red Lion Lane late morning was relocated in Woodlands where it lingered atop an acer for a while, before departing to the south. Further winter visitors about the village included small numbers of Redwing and an occasional Grey Wagtail, a flock of 25 Lapwing low south-east over Turrill Hill somewhat more notable.
a duck Mandarin, three+ Red Kite, six Lapwing, immature Kestrel, flock of 22+ Yellowhammer and two+ Reed Bunting, two Buzzard, small numbers of wintering thrush, 16+ Pied and a Grey Wagtail, Skylark, Teal and Gadwall were found about The Test between Ashe and Overton on a HOS walk attended by 12; some from as far afield as Southampton and Fareham. A Song Thrush was in song at Town Meadow.
two Grey Wagtail were about The Test at Glebe Meadow, another heard over Lion Close. A Red Kite was over woodland at Lower Ashe mid-afternoon.
in a day of 'reds' a Red Admiral was seen in Red Lion Lane, five Redwing in Court Drove and Red Kite over the Ashe crossroads, the Woodlands area and the ORC.
the allotment off Bridge Street attracted a Meadow Pipit in to forage. Red Kite were noted over Bridge Street, Poyntz Road, Woodlands and Overton Hill.
Raven an Emmelina monodactyla was static on a Poyntz Road address whereas Red Kite remained mobile, being seen over Winchester Street, two, Lordsfield Gardens, Poyntz Road and the ORC.; a Fieldfare being over Woodlands early afternoon.
a Raven moved low over Lordsfield Gardens, towards Frost Hill. Red Kite were seen over Lordsfield Gardens, Red Lion Lane and Lion Close.
Right: Raven, Corvus corax. The view often gained as they move high over the Parish, their 'cronking' call often the first indication that they're once again on the move
an immature male Kestrel was hunting at the Sapley Lane Playing Field. Both Buzzard and Grey Heron were seen fields at Polhampton. Red Kite were seen over Turrill Hill, Red Lion Lane, Poyntz Road and Woodlands.
Roe Deer two Roe Deer were seen by the Ashe crossroads. A pair of Goldfinch visited a Two Gate Meadow garden.
Right: Roe Deer, Capreolus capreolus - Picture: Deb Heath. This one in its winter apparel
two Red Kite were seen over The Source of The Test. A Green Woodpecker in Two Gate Meadow remained unsexed, only the rear of it being seen! A Great Spotted Woodpecker in Woodlands was even less obliging, only being heard.
two Little Egret moved east over Town Meadow early afternoon. Three Buzzard and a Grey Heron were seen in the field at Polhampton. Ten Redwing moved over Lion Close early afternoon. Red Kite were also on the move, being seen over the High Street, Lordsfield Gardens, Court Farm House, two, Poyntz Road, Lion Close, Woodlands, again two, and Berrydown. c.20 Goldfinch were in the dog field on Overton Hill. A Grey Wagtail was visiting Two Gate Meadow. The Canada Geese were again grazing out on the grassland by The Source of The Test. Belated news was of Long-eared Owl nesting in the Parish earlier in the year! Long-eared Owl
Right: Long-eared, Owl Asio otus. The young are often obvious due to their call, which sounds like a 'squeaking gate'
a Little Egret was seen on the river bank at Silk Mill Lane. A Buzzard was over the ORC mid-morning, a Red Kite nearby late morning.
a Little Egret was in The Test west of Bridge Street. A small flock of Meadow Pipit was disturbed from the lengthier grass of the dog walking field on Overton Hill. Also on the move were Redwing, 36 over Winchester Street and 12 over Red Lion Lane. A Red Kite appeared over Two Gate Meadow, others at Waltham Road, Greyhound Lane, London Street, Lordsfield Gardens, Glebe Meadow, Bridge Street, Woodlands, The Green and Foxdown! Grey Wagtail were heard / seen over Lion Close and Kings Meadow.
early afternoon saw a Little Egret leaving the Town Meadow area. A Sparrowhawk was hunting about Two Gate Meadow / Overton Hill, a Buzzard at Court Farm whilst Red Kite were seen over the High Street, Town Meadow, Lordsfield Gardens and Woodlands. A Grey Wagtail was seen at the swimming pool at the school. A single Fieldfare was noted over Lion Close, a total of 13 Redwing over the Lordsfield Gardens / Glebe Meadow area.
Sprawler a Stoat was seen White Hill, one of very few sightings this year. A Sprawler found at Town Mill was the first noted locally and one of the last moths likely to be seen this year. A Tawny Owl was 'singing' about Town meadow mid-evening. Red Kite were seen over Lordsfield Gardens, Winchester Street, Lion Close and Woodlands.
Right: Sprawler, Asteroscopus sphinx - Picture: Paul Boswell www.hantsmoths.org.uk.
a Little Egret was seen on the wing over Southington.
hints of the long gone summer were a singing Chiffchaff and a Red Admiral sunning on an apple tree; both almost certainly the last of both species to be noted this year. A Kingfisher was heard off Straight Lane. A Kestrel was seen close to the railway station. A Treecreeper visited a Southington Lane garden, a Hedgehog appearing in another nearby. Early evening saw a single Lapwing low over the White Hill reservoir. Red Kite were seen over St. Mary's Church, Lordsfield Gardens and Woodland, at least three over the latter area. Two Buzzard were in a field off The Harroway, Wren and several Goldfinch being seen nearby at Court Drove.
a Great Spotted Woodpecker was vocal in Woodlands trees. Roe Deer
a Little Egret was in the wetter fields at Polhampton / Ashe. Roe Deer were also seen at The Source of The Test. Birds on the wing over the village included Fieldfare, Redwing and Grey Wagtail, a flock of Meadow Pipit taking to the wing from a cover crop at Lower Ashe.
Right: Roe Deer, Capreolus capreolus. The most frequently encountered members of the deer tribe locally

Contributors: Paul Boswell, Brian Elkins, Margaret Elkins, Cath Heath, Deb Heath, Martin Heath, Alison Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Nick Parnell-Smith, Margaret Rainford, Peter Rainford & Stewart Woolley.

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