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December 2012

a Barn Owl was on a hedgerow north of Frost Hill pre-dawn.
an immature Woodpigeon was visiting Woodlands gardens to feed. Another obvious frost today.
a Red Kite was over fields south of The Harrow Way mid-afternoon.
a Black-headed Gull was seen to visit gardens, not quiet their expected habitat! Three Canada Geese moved low east over Town Meadow. And yet more frost!
a maximum of -7½°C was recorded pre-dawn!
Robin continued to sing prior to dawn, a hint of Christmas perhaps?
a partially albinistic Blackbird continued to visit Woodlands gardens, as did a Coal Tit. A Red Kite was circling over the village mid-morning.
a Barn Owl was on a roadside post just north of the village early morning.
a Water Rail was heard at Flashetts.
a further partially albinistic Blackbird, a female this time, visited Woodlands gardens.
a Red Kite was over fields at Southington early aftertnoon. The 'pied' male Blackbird reappeared in Woodlands gardens. A Treecreeper was vocal in trees off Southington Close, a Nuthatch at Dellands Lane where a Lesser Redpoll moved over early afternoon. Candle Snuff fungus was found in Dellands Lane hedgerows.
a Kestrel was near Frost Hill Farm late afternoon.
a Kestrel was again near Frost Hill Farm mid- / late afternoon, as were both Red Kite and Buzzard.

Contributors: Alison Hutchins & Peter E. Hutchins.

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