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December 2014

a Red Kite lingered about Berrydown. Post-dusk Canada Geese moved east over the village.
a Red Kite was seen heading north at Ashe during the morning.
PLesser Black-backed Gull, Larus fuscus two Little Egret were at The Source of The Test mid-afternoon.
Right: Little Egret, Egretta garzetta - Picture Alan Willis
the WeBS count at the Filtration Pools saw a Little Egret, nine Shoveler, 28 Teal, 20 Gadwall, two Little Grebe, a Grey Heron, four Tufted Duck, three Moorhen, 13 Coot and nine Mallard present whislt at Lower Ashe Farm the following were in residence: a Little Egret, Little Grebe, two Tufted Duck, 17 Gadwall, 26 Moorhen, three Coot and 41 Canada Geese. Red Kite were seen over Ashe Hill, Overton Hill and Woodlands.
two Little Egret were again at The Source of The Test, being seen mid-morning, whilst one was present mid-afternoon.
mid-morning saw a Buzzard in a tree roadside near the Ashe crossroads.
The Source of The Test once again attracted at least one Little Egret.
a Red Admiral was on the wing about Ivy at the top of Red Lion Lane early afternoon. The Turrill Hill area held / attracted up to three Red Kite, three Buzzard, up to two Kestrel, two Fieldfare, 25+ Meadow Pipit and a field where 290+ Lapwing and 197+ Lesser Black-backed Gull lingered; these flocks being the largest of both species encountered locally for some time.
Green Woodpecker a Green Woodpecker visiting a Highfields lawn was only the 3rd ever seen by the observer!
Right: Green Woodpecker, Picus viridis
Canada Geese were seen settled by The Source of The Test and on the move, westwards, over Overton Hill.
a Red Kite lingered over the village about midday. The warmest day of the month saw 12.9°.C being recorded late morning.
late morning saw a Kestrel hunting over the fields at the northern end of Turrill Hill.
a Buzzard was over the higher reaches of Overton Hill early afternoon.
a Kestrel was hunting over the Railway Station area during the afternoon.
a Red Kite was over Ashe Hill mid-afternoon.
mid-morning had a Buzzard moving south-east at Turrill Hill.
a Peacock was seen roosting pre-dawn in Sapley Lane.
a white-headed Blackbird was seen at Quidhampton. Brown Rat were 'tidying' the road either side of Frost Hill, both early and late in the day. The lowest temperature of the month was recorded today -5.6°C!
a Tawny Owl was in song at / near Woodlands several hours prior to dawn.
a Long-eared Owl was hunting over roadside verges north of the village early evening. Earlier a large and vocal gaggle of Canada Geese was seen, and heard, as they moved eastwards over the northern part of the village.

Contributors: David Cluett, Deborah Heath, Alison Hutchins, Peter E. Hutchins, Doug Kelson, Veronique Kerguelen, Barry Stalker & Weather at Mallards.

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